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2023 #CISOPredicts: Aysha Khan, CISO & CIO at Treasure Data

Members of Silicon Valley CISO Investments (SVCI) offer their take on the challenges and trends that will shape 2023.

As Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) across industries including tech, insurance, and retail, we have the benefit of sharing (and comparing) our perspectives on a variety of hot-button issues. As members of Silicon Valley CISO Investments (SVCI), we also get a front seat to the most recent cybersecurity innovations by advising and investing in the next generation of startups—and using our decades of expertise to help them thrive.

From where we sit in the C-suite, here’s our take on the trends and challenges that will shape 2023:

CISO & CIO, Treasure Data

A data-centric approach can unify, simplify, and operationalize security

Post-pandemic efforts to drive digital transformation and macroeconomic cycles have forced growth companies to optimize, consolidate, and then re-evaluate how to achieve more with less. IT and security organizations will be forced to look at how to think out of the box to secure “what matters.” I feel CISOs/CIOs will ask these three questions broadly:

  1. Where is all our data, classification, and what is important to prioritize? In the absence of proper classification, we end up protecting everything. Not everything requires the same level of security, hence wasting resources.

  2. How well-protected is our SaaS portfolio ecosystem? Unify for visibility and simplify for security. We can’t secure what we can’t see! Uncover blind spots in your relationships and supply chains, and manage new digital realities in the cloud with a simplified portfolio, secure operations, and cost control.

  3. Are we a risk-based or an audit-based organization? The role of the CISO has become transformational; they will move organizations toward risk-driven approaches for proper prioritization of agile digital transformation, forward-thinking security and privacy strategies, investments, and plans.

Companies can achieve more with less while dramatically strengthening their cyber resilience by executing a holistic cybersecurity strategy that takes advantage of unification and automation in practices like risk management, compliance, threat detection and response, business continuity, disaster recovery, and vendor and portfolio management.

Keep following to read additional takes on 2023 by SVCI CISOs!


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