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Explore the core concepts of SVCI through this FAQ section. From the investment process to the unique insights our CISOs bring to the table, our FAQ is designed to offer clarity and guide you through the intricacies of engaging with SVCI:

SVCI investors

  • What's the best way to engage with SVCI?
    Any early-stage cybersecurity startup leader can fill in the intake form and kick off the process with SVCI, but generally, it would be better to first have a reference from an SVCI member who could also guide you through the process and sponsor the deal to the group.
  • What is SVCI's average check size?
    Since SVCI operates as an angel investor syndicate, there's a range to the investments. Generally, we ask startups that are pitching to SVCI to allocate at least $300K for SVCI to invest. Since we have pre-determined investment schedules you can learn more about in this FAQ section, we often tag along to an existing round and in many cases invest in deferred closing.
  • What about confidentiality and conflict of interest?
    SVCI holds itself to the highest standard with respect to confidentiality and conflicts of interest. Some examples of the policy include (this list is non-exhaustive): SVCI members should not be viewed as prospects: While it is possible for SVCI members to become design partners / customers, this is not the intention or expectation from the SVCI engagement. Members disclose their affiliation with an SVCI startup when considering it for company commercial aspects Confidentiality: All SVCI members are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement Conflict of interest: SVCI Members should disclose conflicts of interest and recuse themselves when they have a conflict. Examples include: Investing in a competitor, advising to a competitor, working for a competitor Direct competition: SVCI doesn't invest in direct competitors of its portfolio. Startup founders are advised to visit SVCI's portfolio page to make sure there isn’t a substantial overlap with an existing portfolio company before engaging with the group. Moreover, SVCI members with existing relationships to direct competitors of a pitching startup recuse themselves from all SVCI activities pertaining to the startup
  • What's SVCI's investment history?
    Since its inception in 2019, SVCI invested in 16 startups in the cybersecurity space: Orca, Tonic, Polyrize (acquired by Varonis (NASDAQ: VRNS) in 2020, Cyral, Lucidum, Traceable, Tines, Drata, Tromzo, Incode, Island, Wing, Opal, Endor Labs, Descope, Gem. Detailed profile of the startups can be found in SVCI's portfolio page.
  • What is SVCI?
    Silicon Valley CISO Investments (“SVCI”) is a group of 60+ Chief Information Security Officers (“CISO”) that operate as an angel investor syndicate. SVCI was founded in 2019 and is successfully pursuing its mission of fueling the next generation of cybersecurity innovation. The group identifies promising startups, invests in them, and leverages its members’ unmatched industry expertise to help these startups thrive.
  • What's the investment process and timeline?
    Upon review of a startup's intake form, select companies will receive additional details about the process and will be invited to pitch to the SVCI group. Deal selection call typically happens halfway through the quarter so intake form submissions need to take place before mid February, mid May, mid August, and mid November (Rule of thumb is to submit by the end of the second week of the second month of the quarter). SVCI members will have accurate schedule. SVCI meets as a collective twice a quarter: 1.) For a discussion and selection of startups that would pitch, and 2.) For Pitch Day, with startups presenting and SVCI reviewing their pitches. After Pitch Day, SVCI engages in a due diligence process for selected companies. Given the industry and technical knowledge that is part of the SVCI DNA, the engagement with SVCI, from intake through Pitch Day, doesn't require a lot of net new work from startup founders.
  • How does SVCI work with startups post investment?
    Since SVCI's dozens of members are personally invested through SVCI, they go to great lengths to see SVCI founders thrive post-investment. Our vast coverage includes the likes of providing feedback and advising on product strategy / roadmap, pricing, operations, GTM, and more. While the engagement model is supportive and hands-on, SVCI does not ask for Board seats (unlike traditional VC firms).



SVCI continuously seeks and evaluates early-stage cybersecurity investment opportunities. If you would like to present your startup to us, please complete our intake form.


Thanks for submitting!

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